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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Revolution news

Our correspondent has just returned from a meeting with the beseiged leader and sends this report:

'Thank you, Martin. His position is looking less tenable with every passing day. He spoke for hours and seemed completely out of touch with reality, oblivious to the widespread unrest. He droned on for so long, even some of his staunchest supporters couldn't stifle their yawns. Many had quite clearly lost faith in him and were looking anxiously about, ready to switch sides when the revolt became too much. Myself and other journalists were allowed to interview him. The following indicates just how  delusional he has become in recent weeks.'

"There have been no riots, no demonstrations" he said, adamantly. 
"Did you see any?" he asked.
"Well, yes."
"Where?" asked the leader.
"On my way here. There were thousands demonstrating."
"They were demonstrating for me,  yes?"
"No. They were demonstrating against you."

"Nonsense. My people love me. They need me. In any case, I have no official role, so I can't stand down. It would make no difference" said Nick Clegg.

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