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Friday, March 9, 2012

You are Bald, Mr Cable

“You are bald, Mister Cable,” the young man said,
“And your skin has become very blue;
“And yet you stand all your beliefs on their head –
“It is hard to believe this is true.”

“In my youth,” Mister Cable explained to his son,
“I thought it might harm my career;
“But now that it’s perfectly clear I have none,
“I might as well settle down here.”

“You are bald” said the youth, “And I’ll say it again,
"And your attitude seems very lax;
“You claim to be evenly sharing the pain
“But seem quite disinclined to raise tax.”

“In my youth,” mumbled Vince, as he shook his bald head,
“I kept all of my ideals intact.
“But the use of this snake oil – kills scruples stone dead –
“Has now somewhat altered the fact.”

“You are old,” said the youth, “And your story is weak.

“And you will not acknowledge you blew it.
“Yet the banks still run riot; you’ve been feeble and weak.
“Pray, why in God’s name did you do it?

“In my youth,” said Vince Cable, ”I lived by the law,
“And argued each case on its merit;
“But the balance of power became all that I saw,
“I’ll retire soon. You lot can inherit.”

“You’ve been had,” said the youth, “and it’s hard to see why

“That you still feel inclined to continue.
“Yet you’d balance the books on the back of a lie
“And pursue down a path that will ruin you."

“I have ignored four questions, and that is enough,”
Said Vince Cable; “I don’t have a say.
“Do you really believe I can cope with this stuff?”
Said the youth, “Well, then, Baldy. Good day.”

Martin Morrison
March 9th 2012